Successful people, unsuccessful people…

Being one of the Successful people… it really does depend on You.

I was listening to Brian Tracy today (if you’ve never listened to his stuff it’s totally worth plugging into) and he was talking about the difference between successful people and unsuccessful people.

successful people

Brian stated that successful people think and talk about what they want, while unsuccessful people think and talk about what they don’t want. Have you ever stopped to think what you spend your time contemplating and talking about?

If you’re mind is filled with thoughts of not enough… not enough money, not enough time, not enough love, not enough energy etc…. and then you take that one step further and talk about your frustrations with your loved ones & friends – you’re going to create that to be a self fulfilling prophecy within your life. You’ll create “not enough” of whatever it is that you’re focussing on.

The key is to take control of your mind and start to utilise your “mind power” consciously so you can start creating more of what you do want to experience and a whole lot less of what you don’t want. The second key is to surround yourself with successful people who are also playing by these rules – that is – thinking and talking about what they do want.

My specialty is connecting you with successful people who think and talk about what they want. When I got connected to my community of people – successful men and women achieving extraordinary results, my life started to change almost instantly. I felt more on purpose, more alive & more excited than I had in many many years. It’s empowering to be reminded of how to achieve a successful outcome and sometimes all it takes to make a massive shift towards success is mixing up the people you spend your time with.

An exercise that you may consider embracing is to remove yourself from negative or gossip driven conversations (and thoughts). Just don’t participate. You may find (like I did) that at first you don’t have too much to talk about with your friends. Seriously. When I started to live my life consciously based on only thinking and talking about what I wanted, at first there wasn’t a whole lot to talk about. But as I continued to walk down this path all of a sudden that void was filled with new people, new uplifting conversations and results.

Now’s the time to take a stand in your life – get started today and embrace the journey of surrounding yourself with people who live their life on purpose. You deserve to experience the results that you desire in your life.

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I have found my real education started when I left the traditional schooling system.

This may seem harsh but don’t get me wrong, the traditional schooling system is 1000 times better than it ever used to be. I feel sorry for the teachers who really care, who are held back by the system. But as new generations come through and the information age demands better results, it must change because this is where all progress is made.

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Chrissy Greig