Time to make 2017 your best year yet. An online business? tick.

We started our home based online business 8 years ago around full time work with the intention of working part time on our business until  we achieved our dream of working together from home  in our own business full time.  

NO MORE J.O.B. (just over broke)

Dream achieved ……what are you willing to do to achieve  your dreams and goals…. tick.

online business

Ask yourself this question ….Is what you are spending all your time on now going
to give you the life you want?  Yes you are busy but busy doing what? Busy being busy? or busy being productive.

The next step is to stop procrastinating and reach out to us now to make your 2017
the best year of your life.

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In a 2015 MarketWatch study, nearly 40% of current employees said they aspire to own their own business sometime in the future.

If you’re one of those employees, you can build your business while remaining an employee. You can work 9-5 and then come back home to work from 5-9. In the beginning, you’ll have to say no to your social life, and instead, stay home to steadily work towards fulfilling your dreams. But you’ll quickly find that it’s all worth it.

Although it seems that everyone is starting an Internet business these days, keep in mind that there are many different ways to do business online. What really matters is the “why” you want to pursue an online business in the first place.

Don’t let obstacles get in the way of pursuing your dreams; here are three advantages of working an online business:

Office Space Not Required
An Internet business doesn’t need an office, staff, desks, or copiers. It only needs a website and something to sell. This removes many of the barriers of entry that prevent people from starting a business. In the beginning, why not keep it simple? You can consider the different options of operating as your business grows, but this is one big benefit to launching your idea now.

Manageable from Anywhere
Once your business is up and running with systems in place, your business is manageable wherever there is Internet access. The benefit of operating from anywhere is you no longer have to sacrifice family time. You could easily be at your child’s soccer game, and still be engaged with the business.

Low Start-Up Cost
Starting something online is an obvious choice for many wanna-be entrepreneurs because of the low initial financial investment. There are a variety of businesses that you can start for less than $100. Some can even be started with no investment other than your time.

Starting your own business takes motivation and dedication, but if you commit to doing it, your opportunity for success is automatically greater than someone who just continues to dream.

This is what makes Rich Dad different.

Read Rich Dad Poor Dad again and again. Let money be your slave not the other way around. Learn to master the power of money.

Christine Greig and The Rich Dad Company.

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