Our videos turned out absolutely fantastic

Marketing videos a very good strategic business move.

Recently we went to Thailand to visit Rachel and Shane Krider, very good friends for the last 10 years and owners of  a personal development business now worth over $170 mil.

We are proudly part of this business and we stayed with them in their resort style home on the beach.

videos are great

Absolutely beautiful… stunning. Enormous gratitude for their hospitality, generosity and friendship.

We were invited to stay for about 5 days and while we were there we had the chance to do our new marketing videos. What great fun that was. We had a professional film crew headed by Phil with Charlie and Joe. The company called Helicam used drones and a multitude of cameras and gadgets to take a million photos, videos and audios.

The end result is a very professional brilliant marketing tool. But also captured the simplicity and fun part of this business.

Take a look…

Video 1 an introduction to our business

Video 2 Our positioning piece. Shown after someone has decided to go forward.

Video 3 Our thankyou video . After someone has put their information into our website inquiring from an ad.

We were pampered and chauffeured and wined and dined and filmed and … did I say pampered… all in the name of getting the right shots… of course. What an experience. One which will stay with Chrissy and myself for a very long time.

For the last 9 years or more, the time which we have been involved with Prosperity of Life, we have been to a dozen different countries, been to dozens of seminars and conferences on wealth creation and advanced personal development, attended gala balls, theme parties in million dollar mansions, driven exotic cars and generally had a ball with an expanding group of like minded driven people who focus on success, and not being around people who are constantly whinging and whining about why they haven’t.

videos of cars videos

The circle of people we associate with now are the people going places. This has a direct effect on our future results. Your circle of influence does 100% effect you and your results. So we decided that the “oh poor me” type of person was NOT the type we need to be around. And also they are much more fun to be around. Nobody complains. Nobody whinges and nobody has any excuse as to why they cannot achieve anything. Nothing is impossible.


We are the creators of our own existence and experiences, and are fully responsible for our own results.

WE LOVE THAT!… Chrissy and Col