Christine and Colin Greig (Chrissy and Col)

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Who are Christine and Colin Greig, and why are they famous?

Hi Guys Christine and Colin Greig here…

That’s a good question. My husband ( Colin) and I, are celebrating 35 years of marriage, maybe that is why. It certainly is a rarity. We have 2 grown children Toby and Ali. Col says he is still looking for someone better, I say, good luck with that…

We now live on a beautiful 320 acre property near Tamworth, New South Wales with our….. 7 horses, 8 dogs, 18 chickens, 2 Geese, 2 Turkeys,  3 goats and a 54 year old turtle called Sam…. (oh and my Mum who is 85 going on 50, 49 she says…). But things weren’t always this good.

We have worked consistently  for the last nearly 40 years ( bugger that time has gone so quick) but really financially we didn’t have much to show for all our hard efforts. Just bad planning and bad advice from too many experts I guess. When you sit back and analyse,  it’s amazing how hard you can work for so little reward. Yes we are having a fantastic life together and a beautiful family, but we plan on being together for another 35 years so we needed to find a way to create a better Lifestyle.

Col says he is going to live forever … so far so good.

Being sick and tired of being sick and tired, It was time to do something about our finances if we wanted to enjoy a fun filled lifestyle together. There is so much we still want to do.

We went looking for ways we could earn more money.

But we didn’t want just a little bit of money, we wanted a great income and when did we want it? ….RIGHT NOW!!!!! People who say they don’t want to be really well off, are kidding themselves. Money is like oxygen. The more you have, the better position you are in, to be able to help others. Just use the aircraft oxygen masks as an example. Always fit your mask first. Try helping someone when you have no oxygen/money. You can’t.

The first business venture we tried, was in the Share Market which was very stressful, had too much risk by using borrowed funds, margin lending etc., and we lost a great deal of money and assets through that period. In fact we lost our own home on 80 acres, 6 rental properties and all our cash plus some. Totally our fault for not really knowing what we were doing.

(Double,Triple BUGGER)

The GFC???…. We were at the wrong place at the wrong time and didn’t see the signs.

Start again.

We went searching and accidentally found an online business in the sector of Personal Development that we could work Part Time, because we were both back to the work for someone else grinding away. It offered the potential of a great income. We didn’t even know what personal development was, and so we didn’t need that….. How wrong were we, especially now… We joined because of the genuine testimonials. If these people could do it, so can we.

“The first people who need personal development, are the ones who think they don’t”. Christine and Colin Greig

We did our homework and knew straight away, with great ROI (Return on Investment) we knew this can work.

No it was not always easy, not many businesses are, but was it worth it? “Absolutely”

We truly love what we do, and we are very grateful for the Lifestyle we have been able to create, and I did say, Create.

We now live where we want, and travel when we want, while earning a Great income because of our decision to be a part of this very portable business.

P.S…We dare you to chase your passion instead of your pension.

Christine and Colin Greig,  Chrissy and Col

YES I want to learn more


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