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Here is a great article from Success Magazine to help your Business Mindset, and a step toward being successful.

A positive attitude is key to a successful life, so what happens when things go wrong?  We have a tendency to let our attitudes take a dive along with our state of affairs. But life is going to deal setbacks, both minor and major, on a regular basis, and if we are going to be successful, we need to know how to keep our attitudes intact.

positive rather than negative        always wins
Instead of spending your time thinking about how bad things are, think about how good they will be.

We need practical tools to help us understand how we can keep our attitudes up when the circumstances are down.

6 Ways to Keep Your Attitude Up When Life Tries to Bring You Down

1. Take some time away.

2. Keep your eye on the goal.

3. Focus on solutions, not problems.

4. Get some positive input.

5. Tell yourself the good.

6. Remember that circumstances are not forever.

6a. Implement a complete, (and I mean Complete with a capital C) media ban.

When our son turned 2 we did this, a complete media ban. He is now 32 and not knowing about murders, wars, global warming, car crashes, airplane crashes, natural disasters, idiots blowing up innocent people etc etc etc and etc. and everything that CNN (Constantly Negative News) and every other broadcaster puts out there, has not concerned us at all. If anything, it has done more good than harm. The herd will tell you, you have to know, or the news you need to know.  Absolute BS.

If you want to be successful in a way never before experienced, this is a great start. But it takes work and willpower.

Are you willing to do what it takes?????      most people aren’t.

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Life doesn’t come with an instruction book. It can be confusing and downright frustrating at times, But fortunately, … there are simple steps you can take right now to start the change happening. Lets face it, without change, there is no progress. (Henry Ford)

But there are certain things that we humans can do, that will create excellent results in many areas of your life.

Virtually none of these things are taught in schools, or shared with colleagues in the competitive job environment. But I have found that most successful people who know this simple steps secret, are very willing to share it with you. They know if you are… say … clever enough to realise that the simple steps formula is simple, will take notice and prosper.

I have found my real education started when I left the traditional schooling system.

This may seem harsh but don’t get me wrong, the traditional schooling system is 1000 times better than it ever used to be. I feel sorry for the teachers who really care, who are held back by the system. But as new generations come through and the information age demands better results, it must change because this is where all progress is made.

So what do those creating One of a Kind Lives know, that others do not?

Well, they know that it is up to me and no-one else if I want more in life. There is a saying I like and that is…

“95% of people don’t care about your problems and the other 5% are glad you have them”

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To your success, I hope it is HUGE!!!

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